Request for your prayers!

I can not express to you guys how much I appreciate your prayers. I know that it helps to have specific things to pray for. I do have two things to ask you to be praying for me about.

1. Before I begin this, know that I AM FINE. God is good and He protected me from harm. However, at about 8:30 last night I was robbed. A car pulled up beside me and my friend as we made our way down our neighborhood street.One guy had a gun and grabbed my bag. The other girl that was with me ran screaming for help.The entire neighborhood, including my house parents came running out of their houses and the guys took off in their car. They did not get much from me. (Praise God for that) I only had my cheap cellphone, credit card and about $20 in the bag. (they did get all of my school books though). I immediately canceled my card so they couldn't use it. Although I was not hurt, I am still quite shook up. Some friends got me some mace today so I will have that with me at all times. God was there with me and of course is with me now. Please pray for my continued protection. I am also nervous now as I walk to school even though it is daylight. Pray for peace of mind and that I will turn my fears over to God.

2. Many of you will remember that last Spring I hurt my back pretty bad and had several months of pain and physical therapy. I am not sure why but my back is hurting this week as bad as it ever did last Spring. Pray for healing and/or medication to relieve the pain. {I am going to get my house mom to help me go to the pharmacy for some type of medication hopefully}

Again thank you for lifting me up in your prayers!

Trusting in Him

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  1. So glad you are OK! Will be praying for peace for your mind and relaxation for your back.