Manuel Antonio

Thank you for all of the prayers, calls and emails these last two weeks. God has been so good. My back is doing much better, and I have learned anew how to trust God in spite of the situation. I feel like I am back to normal (as normal as I get get). I am working hard at school and I feel like I am learning a ton.

1. Ordering fast food in a different language
2. Manuel Antonio

1. So as many of you know, ordering at a fast food restaurant in that States can be an ordeal if it's busy. Now picture doing all of that in a different language. I have to say that it is always fun to see what I get because it's usually not what I attempted to order. 

I ended up with 3 slices of pizza.
Pizza Hut-
I attempted to order 1 slice of ham pizza and a drink, but I ended up with 3 slices.

I was trying to order a chicken sandwich. However, I ended up with a fried chicken breast and wing. (Like at KFC)

Italian Sit Down Restaurant-
A sit down restaurant is always much easier. Not only do you have a menu that you can point at, but the waitress is more focused on what you are saying and you have more time to practice what you are going to say, and time to listen to their questions clarifying what you ordered.  I ordered a Penne Cheese Pasta that was absolutely delicious. 

2. Manuel Antonio
This weekend I went to Manuel Antonio with the other two students in my class. We stayed at a hostel that caters to English speaking people. (meaning the people at the front desk speak English). We had to take a $8 bus from San Jose that left at 6pm and we arrived in Manuel Antonio around 10:00pm. Saturday, we went to the National Rainforest and went hiking for most of the day. For dinner we rode a bus into the closest town and ate Italian. The views were incredible and we saw many cool animals up close and personal. (see pictures below)  We made it back Sunday afternoon with no problems! It was a fun weekend and I can not wait to visit again.

View from my room at the hostel

We hiked up hill to this overlook

Then we hiked back down to the beach. What a beautiful view!

Animal Life:
Monkey- we saw a lot of monkeys but it was difficult to
take their pictures because they moved so fast
Monkey swinging from tree to tree!
This monkey came running across the path right in front of us.
I just missed taking a picture of a mother monkey with its
child on its back.
Monkey eating
This raccoon is not scared of people at all. They actually
will take food out of  your bag if you leave it unattended.

Lizard on the path

After a long day hiking for about 4 hours, a nap in the hammock was
definitely in order.

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  1. So glad to see you're doing well! We will continue to pray for you as you continue your language studies :)