Last Week in America!

It's crazy. It does not even seem real. I am really packing to leave the country. So that's whats happening in my life. I am going through everything that I own and trying to fit what I need into only 2 suitcases. Everything else goes to the Thrift Store or the trash.

Tonight I went on a date night with my dad to the Cheesecake Factory and then to a movie. Pretty much all this week I am spending time with family and friends and saying goodbye.

My plan for the blog at least for a little while is to write posts that fall into 4 categories. This will hopefully help me to write short and focused blog topics that will help you guys know what is going on in my journey. (Thanks Imani Folks)

1. Mi Vida
- In this "category" I will just post general stories about my life and Language School. Expect to here things about school and work when I get to Ecuador, things about living in the Costa Rica and then Ecuador, prayer requests, etc. etc. (PS- Mi vida= My life)

2. "God is good because.."
- In these posts I will simply give thanksgiving to God for the ways he has been faithful/amazing to me. Joys about how He has worked my life.

3. Hola ___
- For these posts the blank space will be filled with a name of people that I meet with. I will include a picture, how I know them and some fun facts about them... just so you guys have a way of "meeting" the amazing people God has given me the opportunity to live and study among.

4. Laughter
- I love to laugh, and I am sure that I will make a million and two mistakes while learning the language and beyond (and they no doubt will be funny to laugh at). When moments are funny enough to share, I'll post them in this category.

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