Return to Slavery-- Really?
Today, I was reading Numbers 14. Just a recap on what had happened right before this chapter- The 12 spies had just returned and reported about what they had found in the Canaan. 10 of the spies report that there is no way that the Israelites could conquer the inhabitants of the land. Only Joshua and Caleb trust God's power based on past circumstances.
Now to chapter 14- So do the people listen to Joshua and Caleb or to the most popular opinion? You guessed it. Majority rules. So the people start complaining to Moses. Now remember, in Eygpt they were slaves that were treated very cruelly. The people want to know why God brought them out of the Eygpt. FOrgetting (or ignoring) all of the powerful things God had done to provide for and protect the Israelite people, the people doubt that God has power to protect them and conquer the inhabitants of Canaan for them. They wanted to pick a new leader, someone other than the leader that God had put in charge of them, to take the back to Eygpt--Slavery! 
At first glance, we might think how foolish of those Israelites to want to go back to slavery rather than trust God. But wait, we do the same thing. As Christians we have been set free from slavery to sin. When we choose to sin instead of obeying God we choose to willingly return to the thing that enslaved us. Just as the Israelites doubted God's ultimate plan, we doubt that God knows best, and we choose our own leader/lord- ourselves and sin. 
This humbled me today. I am so gratefull for my salvation that freed me from my bondage to sin, and made me right with God. How could I  return to that same slavery willfully? 

Lord, forgive me for not submiting to your Lordship in my life. Every time I sin I am making a conscious choice to choose myself as my leader back to bondage. Remind me of this Father, so that I remain in You.

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