Who is this God we praise?

On Sunday at church, we sang this song written by Josh Poore, "The God We Praise". I felt that this song was fitting in light of last weeks blog.

The God We Praise
by Josh Poore

He made the sun to light the day, the moon and stars, the crashing waves
He heard the cries His people made. When hope had died His love remained.
This is the God we praise. Now we will remember the promise You made.
Faithful and gracious salvation You gave. Let every saint proclaim:
    "the Lord will reign forever and ever."
When we were dead in sin and death, His Son became our righteousness.
He is our strength now let us sing for Jesus Christ our risen King. Forever we will exalt You.
You have delivered us
You have delivered us
You are the God we praise

The whole song was fitting and wonderful. However this line really stuck out to me. Instead of being like the Israelites who became fearful and wanted to return to slavery, we should be like this song says. WE WILL REMEMBER THE PROMISE YOU MADE, FAITHFUL AND GRACIOUS SALVATION YOU GAVE. He has delivered us from bondage to sin . He is our strength. Jesus Christ is the risen King. We should exalt Him forever.

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