Imagine living in a place where becoming a Christian can mean being rejected by your family, losing your job or even facing the death penalty for “blasphemy.” Would it be worth the risk? Where would you fellowship with other believers? How could you learn more about the Bible? Could you share your faith with anyone? For people like *Barnabas, born in the deserts of North Africa, it’s well worth the risk. His life felt empty, and he didn’t know how to fill it up. His traditional faith wasn’t working for him, so he turned to a cult, but he was still left searching for answers. Eventually he met a Christian who gave him a Bible and invited him to study it together. They became friends, and soon Barnabas came to Christ. Now he shares his faith with others and leads small prayer groups, knowing every day it could cost him his life. Thousands like Barnabas living in the North Africa/Middle East (NA/ME) Region depend on radio broadcasts to learn more about Jesus and grow in their faith. Christian radio programs—sent via satellite, shortwave and the Internet—are crossing cultural, political and religious barriers, presenting the gospel and encouraging believers in their walk with Christ. “Especially in North Africa, there’s a revival going on among Arabs because of the radio
programs,” said *Shadi who together with his wife, *Salwa, produce a variety of Christian radio programs for HCJB Global. In one North African country there are now about “80,000 believers, many attending small churches, who have come to the Lord as a direct result of radio,” he said. The Christians need a lot of teaching. An Arabic pastor who recently visited North Africa said, “Great work is being done to present the gospel to the masses through satellite Christian Arabic television, the Internet and radio. Most of the believers I met were saved through these means…. There is much hunger and thirst among new believers to grow in the Lord and please Him—a hunger not often seen in our churches here in the U.S.” Shadi and Salwa produce three weekly 15-minute programs, two fi ve-minute programs and several short spots about one minute long. One of Shadi’s programs concentrates on biblical teaching, addressing practical issues such as drinking, smoking, divorce and AIDS. One of the short spots answers listeners’ questions, giving the Bible’s perspective on facts from life or science. Another short feature provides biblical meditations. Another program produced within the region is aimed at prisoners, but many people outside of prisons have written to say they too are listening.

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