Loving People vs. Being Nice

       While doing some reading for my Biblical Counseling class, I was confronted about how I do not show love to the people around me. I was reading from Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands by Paul David Tripp. The chapter was really about Biblical rebuking of other Christains. However, I was truly convicted about how little I share the gospel with people who are under the wrath of God for their sins, and dying and going to hell.
       This is the statement in the book that truly summarizes the whole chapter. "The truth is that we fail to confront {share the gospel}, not becuase we love others too much, but becuase we love ourselves too much." Think about it. What do we usually think or even say about telling friends and family about the gospel? "I don't want a confrontation." "I don't want to ruin the friendship." "I don't want them to think I am being judgemental." What do all these statements reveal about our hearts. We love our relationship with this person more that we love God. We love peace, respect, and appreciation more than we love God.
       We should view our unwillingness to share the gospel with the people as an act of rebellion. God speciffically told us to "Go and Make Disciples." Today, God called me to look at how often I have chosen to be silent , when God was calling me to be a part of His gospel proclamation to the nations.
       "Love is doing what is best for someone... Not to show people the all-satisfying God is NOT to love them"--John Piper in Don't Waste Your Life.  I have always like this quote, but today, I realized the truth of this statement. I also realize the truth that God has  commanded us to love God and people. When we do not share the gospel with people, we act unloving to them. We are sinning against God, because He has commanded us to love people.

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