Day 1 of Vision Trip

Day 1 (October 15, 2010)

I made it to Quito, Ecuador last night around 6:15pm. I had no trouble with my flights. The only problem happened when I couldn't find my luggage. But that was becuase someone had taken my baggage of the turning wheel. I eventually found it and was able to get through customs.

I am staying in a wonderful place called "The Guest House". I have my own room and bathroom. They serve a family style breakfast.

I toured the HCJB Global Headquarters. Its amazing the history to this place. I was able to see the radio broadcasting room where they produce radio programs that go out all over the world.

I also toured the hospital. The hospital is staffed by both Ecuadorian resident doctors  and nurses and missionary doctors and nurses with HCJB Global.

The school, Alliance Academy, was very impressive. They have over 500 students there. You almost foreget that you are in a foreign country when you are in that school. The building is wonderful and the students are not lacking in their education. They have home ec classes as well as art and music and sports.

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