Tourist Activities in Quito

When Lauren (my roommate) and I arrived back in Ecuador, we decided to act like tourists for a day. We went to Mitad del Mundo (Center of the World), Museo del Sol (Sun Museum), and to an inactive volcano crater.

My roommate and I

View of Mitad del Mundo from the top of the tower

Standing at the center of the world!
At the Museum of the Sun, their are guides to teach you more about the Ecuadorian culture. The tour is even in English!

These are gifts from other Latin American countries to Ecuador. The round ball structure on the left is from Costa Rica.

An example of a burial sight. Many times if the chief died, his wife or wives were buried with him (alive but drugged)

Apparently it is easier to balance an egg on a nail at the center of the world; however,  I wasn't able to do it.

Lauren, on the other hand, got it right away :)

At the inactive volcano crater

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