Thanksgiving Weekend

While family and friends enjoyed their chilly Thanksgiving complete with turkey and other important fixings, I was in Banos with my roommate, Lauren, and our friend Tracy. We had a great time, and here are just some of the highlights.

Tracy and I enjoying our Moka Menta at Cafe en el Cielo (Coffee in the Sky or Heavens).
We visited this fun tree house. It had fun swings, and amazing view, and a small zip line.
The swing was really fun once you got over the height issue!
Betsy- our friend the cow
Amazing view 1

Amazing view 2

Outside view of the restaurant, Cafe en el Cielo
The day was beautiful, and for a few minutes we could actually see the tip of the Volcano Tungurahua 
View over the bridge in Banos

The wind was blowing so hard.
Lauren and I went on a Chiva tour. The bus with flashing lights and very loud music takes passengers up to a lookout over Banos. The view was beautiful.

Here is a picture when the bus was full and headed up the side of the mountain.
The view from the lookout over Banos
Lauren and I in front of the tree in Banos
Cuy- a delicacy here in Ecuador.  (Guinea Pig)

If you can't tell, that is the claw of the guinea pig.

This is how they roast the guinea pig.

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