Blessing In Disguise

I was thinking the other day about being here in Costa Rica, and thinking about what a fulfillment of a dream this is. But then I stopped. Really MY dream was completely different than this.

 I was reminded of the country song that talks about thanking God for unanswered prayers. Now I believe that God always answers my prayers. The answer might be "no" or completely different from what I thought it should be, but God answers my prayers. However, the premise of the song is that what the guy prayed for would not have been the best thing for him. He thanks God for what did happen because he realizes that God knows best.

How true this is in my life. When I was seven I knew that I was going to be a missionary. My dream was that I would get married and move with my husband and kids to Africa. I knew that I wanted to study education in college so that I could home-school my children.

I know that if God had called me to Africa and to home-school my kids, I would enjoy that as well. However, I would not trade what I am doing for anything. I love speaking Spanish (although it is a lot of work), I love the school that I will be teaching at in Ecuador.

Even after I knew that I was going to Ecuador to teach school (and that I was not married with kids), there were plans and dreams that I had that were not in the plans of God. I was dead set against going to Costa Rica to learn Spanish. I wanted to go straight to Ecuador and learn Spanish for a semester in the capital. I can't imagine not being in Costa Rica right now. This time has been such a blessing and I would not change it for the world.

 This reminded me to check my current hopes and dreams. Am I holding on too tight to something that is not in His perfect will for my life. I am fighting something that could be just what I need. I thank God that He knows what is best for me, even when MY dream is something completely different.

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