Life of a Student in Language School

I am getting into the swing of things here in school. I really like my teachers and my classes. I have a lot of homework at night, but all of it is helping me learn the language. I mostly do homework and normal life here in the afternoons. However, some nights I get to babysit children so that the parents can have a break. (I love these nights) On Tuesday afternoons, I visit a local orphanage so that I can play with the children and show them love. Usually the single adults do something interesting on Friday nights. (This might be just going to the mall to eat at the food court - Subway here I come) On Saturday afternoons, I join other students and go to a small neighborhood and work with very poor children. Sundays we take a bus to a neighboring town and attend a Spanish church. In the afternoons, we attend a English Bible study lead by some of the men students from the school. Although there is not anything really exciting happening, I really enjoy my days.

I included a very short video of me talking with a girl named Nicol that I met on Saturday afternoon. (She spells her name NICOL without the "e")

What is your name?  Nicol
My name is Jennifer. Nice to meet you Nicol.
How old are you? 9 years old
O how big!
Do you have any brothers or sisters?  Yes
How many? 5 brothers
Really? no I am just kidding I have four brothers
What are their names? Anderson, Tayler and Meychal
Talking to Baleria - Good Job! How Pretty!
Thanks Nicol

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