¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

 Last week I had my first birthday out of the country. I had a wonderful 26th birthday weekend!
On Friday night friends from school and I had dinner downtown at an Italian restaurant. On Saturday, I visited the Feria with Lisamarie. On Saturday, Emy and Carlos, my Tica parents, threw me a birthday party. We had pizza and cake and icecream. 
Cafe Mundo in downtown San Jose.

Sara, Chelsea, Lisamarie and I

Friends from language school: Suni, Edward, Laura and Mark.

On Saturday, I went to the Feria with Lisamarie.
I bought cucumbers and onions for Emy, my  Tica Mom.

Paying for the onions.
Now I have my onions and the best fresh squeezed orange juice! (in the cup)
Chelsea and Lisamarie at the party.

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake!

Emy, Marreala, and Karla: My Tica mom and sisters.

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