Language School and Tica Family

I can't believe that I have been in classes for 4 weeks already! It has definitely gone fast. I have learned a lot, but that just makes me realize how much farther I have to go.

1. Language Learning and Plans
2. Tica family

Language Learning
I arrived in Costa Rica with very little Spanish knowledge. I took French in high school and in college. So the only Spanish that I knew was the few words that are common to hear every day during mission trips like “Buenas Dias” , “Como Esta?” , and
View of the mountains from the school grounds
“Bien, Gracias a Dios” – Good Morning, How are you? Good, Thanks to God. - I had learned a tiny bit more from other places, but I definitely still couldn’t say anything and I struggled to understand anything that was said to me. Now, after 2 weeks of tutoring and 4 weeks of class, I can have a basic conversation (keep in mind the word BASIC). I am able to talk with my host family and I am even feeling more confident in class. 

Spanish Language Institute

I was talking to my mom early this week and she was giving me some dates to write down. I found that instead of writing the word “date” in English, I automatically wrote it in Spanish! It’s funny how sometimes I will struggle for days to remember a certain word and then all of the sudden it finally come to me. For example: One of the first things we learned was how to describe how we are doing. The word for angry is “enojado”. Every time I wanted to use this word, I couldn’t think of it. I could “see” the word in my head, and I could say “you know that word for angry that starts with an ‘e’ “ But I couldn’t seem to ever say the word. All of the sudden one day, as I am walking home from school, the word just pops into my head and all of a sudden I knew the word. I am really enjoying this process of learning the language.

For those of you who are wondering about my plans - My plans are to be here in Costa Rica for language school until the end of July. I will arrive in Shell, Ecuador in August to start teaching when the school year starts. 
Also, I have decided that since I do not have class the entire month of December, I am going to go home for Christmas! I will be home on December 3 and return to Costa Rica on December 31. I am totally excited!

My Tica Family- an amazing blessing
The House -My room is the first 
set of windows in the right of the picture

I can’t express how blessed I feel to have been placed with the amazing host family that I live with here in Costa Rica. My “Tica” mom, Emy, is amazing and makes me feel so at home here. Her husband’s name is Carlos, and he is extremely funny and sweet as well. They have a daughter name Marreala, who lives at home. She is great and I have had several conversations with her. – They are all very helpful in my language learning adventure. Last weekend, friend from school and I were planning on going shopping for souvenirs. Our plan was to just take the bus and hope to find some tourist shops. However, when Carlos found out our plans he decided to drive us the best tourist shops. - He skipped eating his favorite breakfast that Emy had just made him and drove us 30 minutes to the shops. That afternoon Marreala asked me to go to church with her. She attends a service on Saturday nights for young people. It was fun going to church with her. Emy found out how much I like frogs and bought me a stuffed frog and a frog key chain. Emy and Carlos also have another daughter name Karla. She is married to Elvin and they have a 2½ year old son named Matthias. Matthias stays with Emy every morning since his parents are both at work. 


I have really enjoyed getting to know Matthias as well. At first he was shy and it didn’t matter because I couldn’t understand anything he had to say anyway. But gradually he has begun to talk to me. He loves cars and airplanes. Every morning, he shows me his new car or shows me a car that he as already showed me and asks if I remember. It was a great breakthrough the first morning I actually understood was he was telling and asking me. He is learning his colors (in Spanish) and it just so happens that I am also learning my Spanish colors - imagine that!  So while he ate his Fruit Loops the other morning we quizzed each other on the colors of each Fruit Loop before he ate it. He turned to his grandmother and said in Spanish, "She sure is speaking a lot more than she used too!" That was great to hear for sure. (and just in case you are wondering if that it is a good thing that I am talking more- YES!! it most definitely a good thing) LOL 

Family Dog- Shena
Common Costa Rican breakfast - Gallo Pinto (red beans and rice)
eggs and a slice of cheese - We usually eat this on the weekends
but sometimes we also have it during the week.

A neighborhood close to the school that I walk through everyday
Beautiful flowers that I see all over the place 
A view of the main street that I walk down every day.

Ducks in the park in the middle of the city

Park that I walk through everyday to get to school
It was raining this morning is the only reason that there
wasn't several children playing on the playground

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