September/October Happenings!

A lot of exciting things took place this month! Here are a few of the things that I actually have pictures of.

1) Field Day:
 We played capture the flag, soccer, and swam. I was in charge of the swimming activities. Several of the Kindergarten and 4th grade students do not know how to swim. The kindergarten teacher and I taught small swimming lessons during their swimming period.

2) Character Day:
Once a month we try to have spirit days where the students and teachers get to dress up. September's spirit day was favorite characters. We had a lot of creative characters including penguins from Mr. Popper's Penguins. I was Nancy Drew, because I loved that series as a child.

3) Poetry/Oral Interpretation Night
My ninth graders and I quoted James 1.
The students and teachers worked hard to memorize poems, monologues, and scripture to present for the missionary community.

4) Random school photos

The 4th-8th grade students had a lesson in CPR.

The amphibian that looks like a snake is just a legless worm.

5) My ninth graders and I are in charge of writing the NutShell every month. (NutShell: school newsletter. Its small so "Nut" and we are in Shell so "Shell")

This month the students choose an event or exciting thing that happened to write an article about. I thought you guys might like to see the NutShell and the pictures that were included.

Here is the link to the NutShell. (http://www.natesaintmemorialschool.org/nutshell-3/)

I am in at two of the photos, but I am slightly incognito. Ten bonus points if you can find me :)

Some ways that you can be praying for me.
a) Health- there has been a lot of illness going around lately.
b) Leading Bible Studies/ Mentoring Students: I am co-teaching a girls' Bible study for girls in 4th-9th grade. (Its hard to meet the needs of students in that large of a span of ages and comprehension levels) I also am leading a book study with the high school students in the community. We are reading Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. This is a challenging book, but I have been encouraged to see how much the students have gained from reading the chapters.

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