Exciting Bus Rides

So last week I went to lunch with a friend. We decided to go to a restaurant that would be to far to walk to. So we caught a bus. On the way back from the restaurant, I see this lady holding this gray container. She keeps poking at something inside of the container. Every time she pokes at it; whatever it was would jump. So I am just watching her do this over and over.

All of the sudden whatever this thing was jumps out of the container and hit the lady on the shoulder then fell to the ground out of sight. The lady screamed and her boyfriend gave her a dirty look for making a scene. Then a man and his son started looking on the floor for the mysterious thing. The man found it and held up a live grub worm to give back to the couple.

It is very common to eat grub worms here. They bring them home live and then fry them up. From what I understand they cook them like frog legs. To say the least, riding on the bus in Ecuador is always an adventure, you never know what you might see. You should come and visit just so you can take a bus ride.... well actually there are much better reasons to come and visit but you get the picture.

Grub Worms- 

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