The End of Some Times and The Beginning of Some Times

So its that time again. Time to start packing and looking forward to getting settled in a new place! That's right. I leave Costa Rica on Monday, August 6. I am very excited about this next step, but I am sure going to   miss my life here in Costa Rica as well.

Coming up this week: Exams Exams Exams... I will be taking the Final Exams for the Language School. On Friday, July 27 I will be taking the Oral Exam and the following Tuesday, July 31 I will be taking the 3 hour long Grammar test.

School starts August 23. I will be teaching 1st and 2nd grade this year, and I am beyond excited. So far, I will have 2 first graders and 2 second graders. I have been having fun thinking and planning for the new school year.

Below are some pictures of my apartment and the school. I don't have pictures of my actual classroom yet but you will get the idea below. :) These pictures are of the kindergarten classroom a few years ago.

The Front View of My House

The Patio


  1. I'm so excited for you! Good luck on your exams. I'll be praying for you. Miss you :)

  2. So cute! Good luck!

  3. I miss you girl!! How exciting to get a peek into your life! Praying for your exams as we've recently been-there-done-that! :). Muchlove!