*Summer* In Costa Rica

The last two months have been packed but wonderful. I have said good bye to friends and hello to many new friends. I have definitely learned more Spanish. I have traveled to Panama, and all around enjoyed the many friendships that I have made here in Costa Rica. Although technically it is summertime, it doesn't seem much different to me, except for the fact that May is the start of rainy season here. I am still in school everyday and except for the rain the climate didn't change much.

We had a week break in between semesters. I ended up not going out of town, and just used the extra time to study and and catch up on some sleep. However, one day some friends and I set out to find the oldest Catholic church here in Costa Rica. After 2 buses and over 3 hours being lost in downtown trying to find the correct bus stop we made it to the church. And would you believe it, after all of that we didn't even go inside the church!
Church in Coronado, Costa Rica

This year the Spanish Language Institute celebrates its 70th anniversary! The school first started out in Columbia but moved to Costa Rica later on. It has been a wonderful time of learning and growth for hundreds of missionaries to Latin America.We had a grand party. Here is a short video of the band that came and surprised all of us. As you can see the children enjoyed dancing with characters. The only mishap is the band brought a devil like character with them. He was not so exciting.

70th aniversary movie from Jennifer Kendrick on Vimeo.

I have gone to 2 concerts with my Tica sister Mariela. I have really enjoyed getting to know her better. She is very patient with me! The concert is in Spanish of course. The first concert I did not understand anything. So for the next concert I printed out the lyrics to the songs and read the songs as they played them. That helped a ton.

Mariela and I at the concert

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