26 Days before October 9

It's official. I leave for language school on October 9. I am actually at 93% of my support goals, but HCJB Global has given me permission to go ahead to language school. I am believing that the rest of my funds will come in as I follow God's leading and start language school. ( I still need $193 a month to be considered fully funded.)

Language school classes actually start on October 22, but I am going 2 weeks early to go ahead and get situated and acclimated with the city. I will be living with a Costa Rica family. I will have my own room and bathroom and most likely internet. However, if the family does not have internet, there are plenty of internet cafes around that are not too expensive.

I will have classes Monday - Friday and I will also be finding a tutor so that I will have extra help. I want to learn Spanish well so that I can interact with people in town and be able to minister in situations that would require me to speak Spanish.

I am truly excited about getting started on this journey. If you missed it from the title of this blog... I LEAVE IN 26 DAYS!!!!

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