Costa Rica - Here I Come!

The title of this blog might have confused you. You are probably thinking something like "I thought Jennifer said that she was going to Ecuador to be a missionary. What is this about Costa Rica?" Don't worry. I am still going to Ecuador to teach at the Nate Saint Memorial School. However, first I am going to Costa Rica to language school.

I have been given permission to go to language school in October as long as I get another $115 in monthly commitements. This means that if 4 more people commit to giving just $28 a month I will be able to get on a plane headed for langauge school in Costa Rica!

I am so excited about getting to Costa Rica. I have met 3 American families that are in school there right now. So I already know some people that can help me get situated.

I will be in language school until April 12 and then I will be headed to Ecuador to begin teaching! In Costa Rica, I will be living with a host family that does not speak English. (Although this seems scary, it will also help me learn the Spanish faster.)

I would love for hear from you while I am in Costa Rica and Ecuador. The best way to contact me is by email at jkendrick@hcjb.org. This blog will be a great place for you to keep up with what I am doing. I will also be sending out email updates. To be put on the email list, send a email to me at jkendrick@hcjb.org or post a comment here with your email and I will add you to list.

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