February Fun!

February seems so far away, but I realized I never posted some of the pictures I have from some fun actives from February.

Carnival: Here in Ecuador, there is a holiday celebrated the weekend before Lent called Carnival. Although I am sure there is more to the holiday, people enjoy throwing water (and other not so fun material like oil based paint, eggs, flour, and anything else you could think of) on friends and strangers as well. Each year the school has a 1/2 celebration before a long weekend holiday. I personally think it is the best day of the school year. The day always includes fun water games for the students, and it ends with an all out water war. (Yes, students get to douse their teachers- and vice-versa!)

Lauren's Birthday/Valentines Day: Lauren's (my roommate) birthday was on the 13th so we decided to take both of our classes to the popular restaurant in town for dinner. On Valentine's night, we babysat for friends so they could go out to dinner.

Who can push the ping pong ball across the court with the squirt bottle fastest?

No the're not competitive at all :)

Getting instructions for the next group game.

Large, water version of capture the flag
notice Olivia's (girl in the green shirt) face as she runs back to her home base. 

One of the games involved throwing water balloons at your teacher! Thats me cowering as the water balloon came  hurdling towards me.

Group Picture  (We noticed the principal had somehow remained dry throughout the water war. )

Because we were Nanki's dates for Valentines, he brought us both flowers and a card.

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