End of Summer

This summer flew by! (but doesn't every summer?) I was able to accomplish many projects and I am ready to start the new school year. :)

I worked with the HCJB Summer Interns. They were here for 6 weeks. The three guys worked in the Community Development Department. They worked with water projects in the jungle. The girls worked at the hospital in either health care or business administration. I was in charge of trips and helping with the accounting for the entire project.

I also helped with a large project in the school library this summer. We have close to 5000 books, but it was hard for the students to find books to read on their level. So the librarian and I worked on a system of looking up the books online to figure out what level they were. It took us 3 whole weeks but a we were able to label the books in the library with their corresponding grade level. It was A LOT of work but we did it and I really think it is going to help the students find books to read.

This summer wasn't all work though:

My parents came to visit and we had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed showing them my home and ministry. My mom helped me decorate my house and now it really feels more like a home :)

We had a missionary community "Hoe Down." It was loads of fun!
Thanks Irwins for the photo :)

School starts on Thursday!

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