End of School and Beginning of Summer

This summer will be very full. I am working with the 7 HCJB Global summer interns. These are college students from all over the U.S. Four students will be working at the hospital, and three students will be working with Community Development and Water Projects.

They all arrived in country yesterday. That means I was at the airport from 7:30pm until 2:30am meeting the different students. (bad weather in Miami caused many delays) We will be in Quito until Sunday doing regular orientation stuff. On Sunday we will attend the English Speaking Church here in Quito and then we will be headed back to Shell!

I will also be working at the school library. We are trying to create a labeling system that will make it easier for the students to pick books that are on their reading level.

 Our last day of school was June 5. This meant saying goodbye to many close friends. Two of our teachers and the principal will not be returning next year. Several families have returned to their home countries (United States, Sweden and South Korea). Needless to say, the end of the school year was bittersweet. For the end of the program the students sang the school song, The Shell Song. I thought you might like to see the video with all the cute motions.

Nate Saint Memorial School Shell Song 2012-2013 from Jennifer Kendrick on Vimeo.

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