A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words

So since a photo is worth a thousand words, I thought this blog I would show a lot of pictures instead of a lot of words :) To catch you up, I am back in Costa Rica learning Spanish. I started class on January 10 and it is going very well so far. Enjoy the pictures!

My new friend Chelsea and I on our way to the small supermarket

This is the bus that I take to get downtown and it also goes right by my house

My friend Lisamarie, Chelsea, and I at the park

My friend Sara and I at the park. This is a park by the school where I do all of my studying

This is the view of the mountains from my house

This is the guard and the guard house across the street from my house

Doing homework at the park!

Hard at work!

If I need a break from studying, I can watch the watch the boys falling off their skateboards

Traffic on the way to the small supermarket

Jumbo - the small supermarket

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